Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Home Town

(Tune: Tom Lehrer's My Home Town)

I really have a yen
To go back once again
To a time when honesty was cool
To see once more those super-special just plain folks
Who we let rule

No fellow could ignore
The councilman next door
Who always had a handshake and a grin
And if you slipped him several hundred on the sly
Your cause would win

I remember Sam
A most progressive mayor
He really was a player
Till he slipped
He found a teenage boy
And kissed him on the lips
He then denied it all
And hence began his fall

The man who was top cop
And hated micks and wops
Or anyone with whom he'd disagree
He liked to corner secretaries in the hall
And set them free

I remember Hank
He was the corner poet
And always let you know it
With his grin
He liked to parody
The mayor's every sin
And pass the poems around
Up and down the streets in town

These were the folks who ruled
Who really kept us fooled
It really isn't different much today
We always get the very leaders we deserve
That's what they say