Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's My Mayor

(Tune: Tom Lehrer's She's My Girl)

Bats gotta fly, and sharks gotta swim
I gotta mayor who went out on a limb
To Ed or Dick or Pete
He may be just a cheat
But to me, well,
He's my mayor

He hid a romance with a teenage boy
Acted holier-than-thou, a dubious ploy
His lies to the press
Have caused me much duress
But he's my mayor, he's my mayor, he's my mayor,
And I hate him.

The mayor I supported
So reckless when he courted
His scandal much reported
His reputation swarted
The mayor who distorted
Is the mayor hell has meant for me.

And now there's a recall since the mayor won't go
He says he's still ruling but it's all ego
He keeps digging a hole
He keeps losing control
But oh well, what the hell,
He's my mayor,
And I hate him.